The Sisters Will See You Now

Covid-19 and Nutrition

March 24, 2020 Dr. Kisha Davis + Dr. Maya Green Season 3 Episode 4
The Sisters Will See You Now
Covid-19 and Nutrition
Show Notes

This week the Sisters are sharing their expert knowledge as doctors on the front lines of securing the health of our communities during the Covid-19 epidemic. In part 1 the Sisters separate fact from fiction, and in part 2 they welcome, Xonna Clark, a licensed dietician/nutritionist, to share what could be life-saving advice on how to boost your immune system to protect against it or fight it off.

This is an episode you do not want to miss. 

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Send a text: +1 240-813-0805

Xonna is offering three levels of support during this time and she's got you covered. She has designed a 4 week program to help you boost your immune system. Get in touch!

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